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The Transplant Cancer Match Study utilizes data provided by the U.S. solid organ transplant registry (known as the Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients or SRTR) and multiple cancer registries. The SRTR captures information on all transplants in the U.S. since 1987. The included cancer registries provide information on the occurrence of malignancies in approximately 40% of the U.S. transplant population through 2008.

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USA map with Study Sites highlighted

California Colorado Connecticut Florida Georgia Hawaii Illinois Iowa Michigan New Jersey New York North Carolina Seattle Texas Utah
Calendar Years of
Cancer Registry Coverage
California 46,719 1988-2008
Colorado 4,720 1988-2006
Connecticut 3,675 1973-2006
Florida 26,068 1981-2009
Georgia 8,992 1995-2008
Hawaii 1,240 1973-2007
Illinois 19,025 1986-2007
Iowa 5,308 1973-2009
Michigan 12,967 1985-2006
New Jersey 11,460 1979-2006
New York 25,642 1976-2007
North Carolina 9,785 1990-2007
Seattle 5,435 1974-2008
Texas 22,907 1995-2006
Utah 3,680 1973-2008
TOTAL 207,623